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Vi tilbyder kurser for arbejdsledige som har behov for at få opgraderet deres sproglige kompetencer i forbindelse med fremtidig jobsøgning.

Kurset vil være individuelt og bliver tilpasset lige netop dine behov, se eksempler på kursusindhold her.

Courses in Danish at different levels

We provide courses in Danish at a number of different levels. Even if you were born and grew up in Denmark, you may still benefit from a course in Danish with a special focus. Find a course in Danish below which suits your level - or contact us to hear how we can tailor a course which will match the needs of you and possibly your business.

Danish for foreigners

Below you will find information about the various courses in Danish which we offer. You can find the course which is suitable for you or your business. Of course we will tailor the course according to your requirements and have courses at all levels.

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Beginners’ course in Danish


During this course, the course participants will learn to understand and pronounce Danish words and sentences, to understand and hold easy conversations in Danish, and to get good knowledge of cultural aspects and social conventions. The course may be combined with business-orientated, practical language instruction at the request of the customer.

Target group

The course is aimed at individuals with no or very limited knowledge of Danish, who are to work and be able to get on in Denmark.

Danish conversation


To strengthen and develop the course participants’ Danish language skills through intensive practice. To expand the active vocabulary and possibly to improve background knowledge, among other things about cultural aspects. Industry-related language use may be included when the language foundation has been created.

Target group

People with previous knowledge of Danish at all levels who want to be able to have more confidence and impact in Danish.


Intensive practice in spoken Danish, including expansion of existing vocabulary, practising useful expressions and phrases, construction of sentences, and understanding and pronunciation. The course participants will also get insight into usage and social conventions, both in everyday life and in business. Current affairs will be used for discussion and conversation. If the course participants also want to focus on written Danish and how to write clearly, this can also be arranged.

Written Danish


The aim is to improve the course participant’s written Danish with emphasis on Danish business correspondence and to improve the general language level of the course participant.

Target group

People who carry out or will be carrying out tasks in written Danish and who want more confidence and improved skills in written communication. The course is provided at all levels.


Review and listing of various Danish words and phrases and general spelling in Danish, including review of and layout for various types of correspondence, enquiries, offers and orders, and how to respond in writing.

Written Danish Super-intensive Danish


To save time and enable the course participant to manage in Danish at a higher level. Typical course duration five days.

Target group

People who want to improve their Danish language skills within a short period of time.


The course will be based on everyday situations and custom. Role-plays, current topics for discussion and conversation. Lunch and coffee breaks are also held in Danish. Language used in specific lines of business can be included, just as other specific needs and wishes will be considered.

Danish business language


To make the course participant more confident regarding general Danish business terms, among other things in connection with telephone conversations, meetings, and in negotiations and sales situations. To provide knowledge of social conventions, polite expressions, mentality, and possibly cultural aspects.

Target group

People who need a high level of language confidence in their day-to-day work. People who do not want to miss important subtleties - or to experience situations where their vocabulary is insufficient to present their points of view clearly.


Speaking exercises, telephone dialogues, negotiations, etc. Instruction in social conventions, mentality and cultural understanding. Specific language based on the course participant’s line of business may be included in the course according to agreement.

Danish technical language


The aim is to obtain confidence in general technical terms in Danish. To acquire the necessary vocabulary which will enable the course participant to communicate with others, for example about technical tasks.

Target group

People with knowledge of Danish who want to acquire more specialised knowledge.


The course is based on basic vocabulary including the most frequently used language elements combined with technical terms and tasks. Specific language based on the course participant’s line of business may be included in the course according to agreement.

"Brush-up" course in Danish


To brush up the participant’s previous knowledge and provide the necessary language confidence in demanding situations.

Target group

People with some knowledge of Danish who want to maintain and strengthen their Danish skills, for example with a view to conferences, negotiations, exhibitions, etc.


Conversation, activation of passive vocabulary. Specific language based on line of business can - to some extent and according to special agreement - be included in the course.

1-2-3-day course in Danish


To practice meeting and presentation techniques and Danish for negotiation for a specific, short-term purpose.

Target group

People with a certain level of knowledge of Danish who will before long be participating in an important meeting or a major event in Danish and who want to increase their confidence in connection with presenting and communicating subjects, results, or ideas.


The course will concentrate on strengthening the course participants’ communication skills and impact with a view to a future meeting or presentation.

Which language skills do YOU need?

We always consider the wishes and requirements of each individual course participant when organising our courses in Danish. Consequently, we are always ready to help and share our knowledge and experience so that we can cooperate to find the perfect solution for you and your business. Please contact us if you want more information about one or more of our courses, or if you need help to clarify your specific needs.

Contact us by means of the contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You are also very welcome to call us on  8675 5211  or to write an e-mail to

Since 1995 SprogGruppen has helped firms from both the private and the public sector by providing individual, vocational language courses. We tailor our solutions to your unique wishes and requirements.

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Course participants’ comments

"Small talk with my customers has become quite natural"

"It is great to be able to meet my customers in their mother tongue"

"I am no longer nervous about open questions"

"I am taken much more seriously during meetings"

"We have only a minimum of foolish misunderstandings after my language course"

"My customer and I can now laugh at confusion of languages because I have become better at explaining things"

"The Swedish e-mails are no longer a problem"

"I am no longer nervous about making presentations in English"

"I am no longer embarrassed about speaking German"

"After only a few lessons, I already understood my customers much better"

"I no longer fear having a meal with our customers"

"Great flexibility and personal follow-up after the course"

"I am no longer afraid to answer the phone when my Italian customers call"

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